why does justin always get a hunchback when he dances


justinbieber: I’m @poobear biggest fan


you ever notice how in women’s razor commercials the models’ legs are already completely hairless before they “shave” them

like we can’t even handle showing body hair in a commercial about how to get rid of body hair

Glacial River Lagoon (Jökulsárlón, Iceland) by Dariusz W.

Q: just wanted to drop by and say i love you. you're an amazing person and you deserve anything you want in life. you're loved don't forget that ♥

thank you boo

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yall talk so much shit about justin bieber but yall would hang urselves if u got half as much hate as he did lmao he got the entire world calling him gay and a woman while yall out here getting depressed over someone calling u fat on anon